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Exoticwoods Rainforest Corp.

It is the integration of a group of companies with extensive experience in the forestry 

into the jungles of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Suriname.

Our infrastructure starts from the forest exploitation, sawmills, kiln dryer equipment 

and lines of processing to the final dimension of exotic woods

Therefore, we can offer to the world market,

Figured and unique pieces of exotic wood species truly rare.

in presentations of.

 Slabs, burls, pens blanks, bowls, knife blanks, turning wood, turning squares,

At prices more competitive in any amount of order.

We have the flexibility to adapt our production lines,

to the clients needs for their market.
All our exotic woods have all the forest certificates, eco-environmentally and sustainable.

We supply any volume of wood from our facilities directly to your warehouses around the world,

at very competitive prices

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